In just a day you will get a notice about the Healthy Money Summit, a FREE telesummit running from January 24-27, with recordings available to all who can’t attend live. How fitting to tell you on Martin Luther King day whose speaking out about economic injustice eventually cost him his life.

The Healthy Money Summit will feature 25 leading voices from the US, UK and beyond who speak powerfully, clearly and passionately about the possibility of a healthy money society – and how we will get there – and how you can make a difference in your own life.

I’ll announce the names tomorrow. Many you will recognize, some you won’t, but trust me, these are my top picks to bring you the inspiration and information I’ve dreamed of assembling under one tent. This is a teach-in without leaving your home (or mobile).

These tele-classes and summits are the wave of the future. They allow all of us out here in busy lives to access the best and wisest among us so we can all participate in an evolutionary shift.

Get ready to be inspired. I will post often to keep you informed.


August 15, 2009

… to my home on the Web.I’m glad you’re here to learn about my new ways of teaching the Your Money or Your Life approach, and about my other social change projects.


I am offering several information rich and soul inspiring tele-classes beginning in the Fall of 2009.The free classes are open to all. The multi-session classes include lecture, handouts, small group discussion, Q&A, homework (do as much or as little as you like), films and more.

Discover your “Enough Point

Work with a tool that helps you distinguish that Goldilocks place of contentment between “not enough” and “too much”. Use the tool to locate your personal sense of enough no matter what is “too much” for you: debt, spending, frugality, clothes, shoes, busyness, friends, responsibilities. Learn personal assessment tools to locate your “enough point.” 4 session class. Sign up here

Conscious Money Speakers Series

Join some of the top money authors, speakers, thinkers and activists in this weekly teleclass series. Like a private radio show or an exclusive conference, the teleclass series will give you an opportunity to dialogue with my guests, really digging deep into the topic and hearing off the cuff answers. The line up is astonishing. To sign up for this series, click here

January 11Free Class #1 of the Conscious Money Series from 5:15-6:30 PM PST with me, Vicki, explaining the three definitions of “conscious money”, the Your Money or Your Life definition of money and what you can expect from the line-up of speakers and the class series. To register for the whole Conscious Money Speakers Series, which begins with this free class, click here.
January 18Spencer Sherman, investment adviser, best-selling author on Transform Your Financial Life in 2010. Sign up for just Spencer’s class here
January 25
John deGraaf, award winning filmmaker (Affluenza, Running Out of Time) on Taking Back your Time. Sign up for just John’s class here.
February1 –   Bill McKibben, author, leader of the grassroots on Building Community Economies. Sign up for just Bill’s class here
February 8 –  Trent Hamm, Author of one of the best simplicity and frugality sites, The Simple Dollar. Sign up for just Trent’s classhere
February 15Alisa Gravitz, Leader of Green America for ~20 years, on From Greed to Green Sign up for just Alisa’s class here
February 22 David Korten, author, speaker and re-framer of the highest order on Agenda for a New Economy. Sign up for just David’s class here
March 1 – Brent Kessel, Investment advisor, author on Heal Your Money Karma. Sign up for just Brent’s class here
March 8Olivia Mellan, author, teacher, psychologist on  Moving toward Money Harmony in Turbulent Times Sign up for just Olivia’s classhere
March 15Victoria Castle, author, coach, comedienne on Viral Abundance – Embodying a new Collective Story Sign up for just Victoria’s class here
March 22 Lynne Twist, fundraiser, author, speaker on The Soul of Money Sign up for just Lynne’s class here
March 29
Hazel Henderson, futurist, visionary on Promoting Climate Prosperity…the Green Economy Sign up for just Hazel’s class here
April 5  – John Robbins
, speaker, author, great dad on The New Good Life (Pub date May 2010) Sign up for just John’s class here

Every attendee can submit questions for the guest, who will design their talk around you – your interests, your needs for vision, hope and good information. There will be ample time for discussion. After the class you will want to follow each speakers work as you work out your own relationship with money and your understanding of the global economy and what we can do to change it.

Sign up now for the series. It is $79 for your “ticket” to all 12 classes. Attend as many as you want or receive links to the recordings of those you missed.

Individual teleclasses are $12 each. Sign ups for individual classes will open by January 2, 2010.

The series gives you 12 classes for the price of 6!

In the free introduction I’ll lay out for you to what we mean by “conscious money” and how the speakers in this series can transform your relationship with money – and with the economy. These are confusing and difficult times. We don’t know where the economy is going, or how our personal economy will be affected by larger global forces. We aren’t out to “make a killing” but neither are will willing to have our security and our work pulled out from under us. We want to prosper – have a good, rich, meaningful life. Your Money or Your Life provides one approach to this question. Each speaker in the series gives another perspective and together all the classes will truly change how you see, relate to and express yourself through money.

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